On-Demand Webinar

Demand Planning under Disruption – with Anaplan-Partner EyeOn

How do you manage your demand plans these days?
We are living in difficult times nowadays: the complete shutdown of the supply in specific branches, the lock down of countries, decreased demand…the uncertainty that impacts the market is everywhere. And when it ends, no-one knows.

Join us to learn from EyeOn, the specialists in Forecasting, Demand Management, S&OP, Integral Business Management and Inventory Management, how to best use Anaplan’s Connected Planning Platform to develop and run scenarios, which will help you to better prepare for the future – in a very easy and efficient way.

Companies need to shift directly to survival mode and measure the impact on their supply chain. We will show you, how to answer questions like the following ones on an every day base:

  • Which demand is still there?
  • How can we supply knowing that part of our production capacity is shut down?
  • How are our suppliers doing, can they still deliver?

The ability to run scenarios is of very high importance. Unfortunately data collection can be cumbersome, data quality might be insufficient and by the time everything is collected and connected, management asks other questions to try to respond to the latest issues.

So if this sounds familiar to you we would like to invite you to join EyeOn and Anaplan for a 45 min. session on how to best develop and use scenarios. Scenarios, which will help you to plan for the best but be prepared for the worst.