On-Demand Webinar

Result Based Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Result Based Management (RBM) is an approach to planning and management that focuses on performance and on achieving results and impact. A key element of RBM is the organization’s budget, the financial framework that connects resources with strategic objectives.

But how do you go from funding to impact? And how do you manage your financial and budgeting processes to respond to today’s very disrupted times? Can you handle necessary changes adequately? In the appropriate time? Are you able to communicate your budget approach transparently throughout the entire organization, funders and other stakeholders? Would you like to learn more about how to best prepare your organisation for the challenges to come?

Download our on-demand webinar and hear first hand from our subject matter expert Marina Silberman sharing her more than 15 years of experience in how to best prepare FP&A and Budgeting processes for the uncertainty and learn how a Cloud-based Connected Planning platform can help you.