On-Demand Webinar

How can you increase your organisation’s impact by linking strategy to outcome?

How can International Donor Organizations make even more of an impact?

International Donor Organizations play a critical role in achieving global goals that aim to address poverty, environmental sustainability, and economic stability. In a world of Globalization and increasing Digital Transformation, how can international donor organizations become more and more successful and „compete“ for the limited funds available?

In a nutshell these organizations need to be able to articulate their organizations‘ contribution to the mission and target investments. But how can they do that? Watch our on-demand webinar with our partner Deloitte and learn:

  • How Non-Profit Organizations can link their strategy to their outcomes?
  • How Non-Profit Organizations can manage strategic programs and funds more efficiently and effectively, across all silos – allowing them to make an impact?
  • How a cloud-based planning platform like Anaplan can help you link your strategy to your outcomes?